APEC International Symposium and Workshop:

The Cooperative Business Model (CBM) as an Alternative Tool for Financing MSMEs

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One of the useful techniques implemented in developed economies to overcome financial barriers, is the cooperative business model. Cooperatives are usually successful because they find the right balance between maximizing the current owners’ well-being and maintaining the long-term MSMEs’ sustainability, they also create equal opportunities in the entrepreneur ecosystem.

The APEC International Symposium and Workshop will allow the participants to have more access to new information, study cases, regulation, best practices, statistics, public policies and lessons learned about the cooperative business model. At the same time, it will open the discussion among government officials, policy makers, and institutional representatives, about the role and the importance of cooperative banks, and credit and saving cooperatives as a tool to improve the financial aid for MSMEs in APEC economies.

International Speakers


Dean and Head
of the Newcastle Business
School Australia

Morris Altman

Professor of Behavioral and Institutional Economics at the University of Newcastle, Australia. Morris has published over 100 refereed papers and given over 200 international academic presentations on behavioral economics, x-inefficiency theory, institutional change, economics of cooperatives, economic history, methodology, and empirical macroeconomics and has published 8 books in economic theory and public policy including.


Senior agribusiness,
rural and institutional
development specialist.

Robert Flick

With more than 55 years of experience in development issues in more than 50 countries in all major geographic regions. Flick’s principal expertise is in agricultural cooperatives (farmer-owned enterprises, associations, service cooperatives and similar organizations), agribusiness, mobilization of funds for rural investment, cooperative and rural credit and finance.


PhD in Law and Social Sciences
from the University
of the Republic in Uruguay since 1982

Graciela Fernandez

With more than 20 years of experience in co-operative organization and the third-sector activity. President of Co-operatives of the Americas - Region of the International Cooperative Alliance and Vice President of the International Co-operative Alliance since October 2018. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Uruguayan Confederation of Co-operative Entities CUDECOOP since 2011 and has been President since 2014.


Serial Entrepreneur, author of
the book The Digital Revolution
and the Future of Financial Services.

Ramón Heredia

MBA by the University of Chile, focused on developing and strengthening the Financial Innovation Ecosystem in Latin America. Heredia currently participates in the directories of: Digital Bank Latam, EbankingNews, Component Group and Digital Component, as well as his contributions as a mentor in Incubators and Startups.


Thursday 13, December: Open Session
APEC Delegates and non-member participants will learn about the cooperatives’ purchasing power, the significant influence of cooperative in the market,
the role of banking cooperatives and saving and credit cooperatives to widen options on financing for MSMEs.


APEC Economies Participants



Public Policy and the Growth and
development of the Cooperative Business Model

Morris Altman
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La Estrategia de las Cooperativas de las Américas
The Strategy of the Cooperatives of the Americas

Graciela Fernández
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The Cooperative Business Model (CBM) An alternative tool for financing MSME’s

Robert Flick
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Ecosistemas digitales
La revolución de todas las industrias

Ramón Heredia
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